Staff roles 2020


Mrs Kimberley Nicholls 

Acting Principal


Assistant Principal


Classroom Teachers:

Mrs Amy Green

Year 1/2 Room 1

Mrs Marilyn Killender

Year 1/2 Room 2

Mr Tyler Maslen

Year 1/2 Room 3

Mrs Sharon Hoctor - Turner

Prep / 1  Room 4

Miss Erin Moore

Prep Room 7

Miss Melissa Spiteri

Prep Room 8

Mrs Fiona Holland

Year 3/4 Room 17

Mrs Sally Davies

Year 3/4 Room 15

Ms Ashleigh Grech

Year 3/4 Room 16

Miss Emma Stone

Year 5/6 Room 19

Mrs Leanne Stewart

Year 5/6 Room 18

Mr Liam Devlin

Year 5/6 Room 20


Specialist Teachers:

Mrs Amy Green

Visual Arts

Mr Jarrod Milsom

Sport and Physical Education

Mrs Linda Andrea


Mrs Kailla Coffey


Mrs Jacinta Perryman



Support Staff:

Ms Nicole Alexander

Business Manager

Mrs Jessica Gidman

Office & Auslan

Mrs Robyn Moore

Office and Library

Mrs Nerrida Ellard

Student support

Mrs Rebecca Cudmore

Student support

Mrs Carolyn Tuite

Student support

Mrs Denise Polidoro

Student support

Mr Leo Vandervalk


Mrs Trish Edmonds 

Canteen Manager

Mrs Anne Skinner

Cleaning services

Mrs Annie Gatehouse

Cleaning services

Mr Shane Herft

Computer technician