Accidents & Incidents Reporting Policy

Anaphylaxis Policy

Anti Bullying Policy

Anti Bullying & Cyber Bullying Policy

Assessment and Reporting Policy

Asthma Management Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Management Policy

Bullying Prevention Policy

Bushfire Policy

Camps Policy

Care Arrangements for Ill Students Policy

Cash Handling Policy

Casual Relief Teacher Policy

Child Safe Code of Conduct (Child Safe Standard 3)

Christian Religious Education Policy
Collection of Information Statement

Community Code of Conduct Policy

Commitment to Child Safety (Child Safe Standard 2)

Communication of Policies and Procedures

Community Engagement Policy

Complaints & Grievances Policy

COVID-19 Policy

Critical incident Management Plan

Critical Incident Policy & Procedures

Cultural Diversity Policy

Cyber Safety Policy

Diabetes Policy

Digital Technology Devices Acceptable use Policy

Distribution of Medications Policy & Procedures

Duty of Care Policy (Child Safe Standard 6)


Education & Welfare Policy

Emergency Management Policy

English Policy

Enrolment Policy
Environmental Sustainability

Excursions Policy & Procedures

External Providers Policy & Procedures

Equity, Diversity & Anti Harassment Policy

First Aid Policy

Fraud Policy

Fundraising Policy

Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy

Green Purchasing Policy

Head Lice Policy

Health Policy

Hire of Facilities and Equipment Policy
Homework Policy

Humanities Policy

Human Resources Policy (Child Safe Standard 4)

Incursions Policy
Internet Policy

Internet Banking Policy

Investments Policy

Library Policy

Literacy Intervention Policy

Long Service Leave Policy

LOTE Policy

Mandatory Reporting Policy (Child Safe Standard 5)

Mathematics Policy
Mobile Phone Policy

Onsite supervision policy

Parent Concerns and Complaints Policy

Parent Helpers Policy

Parent Payment Policy

Petty Cash Policy
Performing Arts Policy

Physical Sports Education Policy

Policy and Procedures Development Policy

Policy to Maintain Registers

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy - School based
Professional learning Policy

Public Relations Policy

Purchasing & Financial Delegation Policy

Purchase Card Policy

Science Policy

Sponsorship Policy

Staff Code of Conduct Policy

Staff Health & Wellbeing Policy

Student Attendance Policy

Student Code of Conduct Policy

Student Engagement, inclusion and Wellbeing Policy

Student Supplies Policy

SunSmart Policy

Sustainability Policy

Technology Policy

Transition Policy

Uniform Policy

Visual Arts Policy

Volunteers Policy
Working with Children Check Policy