Health and Physical Education



Grade 3-6 


During Term 1, the grade 3-6 students will work on developing skills and an appreciation for lifestyle games. These games allow students to understand that there are a wide variety of activities that they can participate in with people across all ages and continue playing them until they are an older adult. Games will include: Bocce, 4 square, downball and frisbee golf. The two other main that students will focus on will be Cross Country run training and Athletics training. These sessions will specifically work on building and revisining technical aspects so that they can be successful in participating in the house sports days that are run in Term 1.


Prep - 2


The Prep-2 classes will have two main focus areas with one on the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) which helps to build the students confidence and skills to be able to use those during their schooling in main games and sports. Students will also get the opporunities to develop their fitness through Cross Country running training and in Athletics/Sports Day events so that they can participate with their fellow students on the house sports days run during Term 1.




1. Practising skills learnt at school in Physical Education class time.


2. Exercising as a family to build fitness together.